USB for 4G SIM dongle?

  • Hello,
    I have the pfSense box

    I'm trying to use mobile broadbane (4G LTE) and thought maybe the USB ports on the pfSense box are for a Dongle to insert in and provide Internet.
    Is this correct, otherwise I've been searching for 4G LTE modems with a SIM and LAN, so a SIM card is inserted into the modem, then a LAN to the pfSense box for routing.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you want maximum throughput and reliability you are much better off using an external LTE modem that is Ethernet connected such as the Netgear LB1120.

    USB connected devices appear in pfSense either a serial ports for use with PPP in which case throughput is limited or as Ethernet devices in which case disconnecting them can be.... unpredictable!


  • @eiger3970
    you can get used hilink dongles for 20 bucks, they show up as ethernet cards on and are pretty reliable, you need some modules and you can manage these dongles thru browser,

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