limiting bandwidth per IP with Borrowing

  • hi pfsense community
    so i have my pfsense box with 1-lan and 1-wan wich is hooked up tom my dsl modem
    ( 8Mbps/down and 1Mbps/UP ) and i have a router of my nighboor wich i am giving him internet access from my box hooked up to my lan with a static ip address
    to his router Wan side .
    the thing is i want to split the bandwidth between me and him to 4mbps / 4mbps while we still can use the whole bandwidth if the other is not using it
    i tried to setup some CBQ wich i think is not working properly my ping increased by +100 and a lot of bufferbloat , even the bandwidth is not splitting up correctly so if please can anyone help me do a new setup to manage this scenario maybe with HFSC or something and i am sorry i am noob when it comes to traffic shaping and sorry for my bad English.
    Thank you.

  • @dzabdelhak you can use limiters for that and at the same time implement fq-codel which could improve your latency at the same time, you can find a guide for that here.

  • @bobbenheim Thank you for your reply ,
    i have a question if i use limiters to restrict bandwidth for me and my neighbor
    would one of us be able to use all the bandwidth when the other one is not ?

  • @dzabdelhak according to the pfsense docs here you can set a weight on your child queues. I have not tested weights, but i would assume that if you set a weight of 50 for both queues it should prioritize them evenly when needed. It might be easier to set up fq-codel with a single queue first to mitigate bufferbloat and then add a second queue afterwards.

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