Pfsense - 1 Lan cable - configure VLAN with Netgear GS105e

  • Hello Guys,

    I have many questions about config of VLANS using Pfsense.

    My config:

    1 Windows PC
    Pfsense installed virtually on HyperV
    1 LAN cable connected from my modem to the WAN ethernet card.
    1 LAN cable connected to a simple switch without a VLAN config.

    By pfsense this config working fine. But, i want to use 1 ethernet card using VLAN with Negear GS105e Switch.

    What i did was not working, WAN gateway will not come up on Pfsense.


    1. On the Virtual Ethernet card which is connected to the pfsense i did nothing about VLAN ID, do i need to do setup something on that?

    2. VLAN 10 created on Pfsense and added network port of same LAN.

    3. VLAN 10 as static IP set of my WAN modem IP range on the Pfsense and added IPv4 Upstream gateway.

    4. Choose Parent interface of my LAN interface by VLAN10.

    5. Do i need to do something on my Modem also to use VLAN 10 PVID also?


    1. See pictures for my netgear switch config.
    • 1x LAN cable connected to Port 1
    • WAN cable connected to port 5
    • Is that tagged and untagged config correct?

    4.png 3.png 2.png 1.png

    Later i want to add my WIFI on the port 4 of the switch. I don't know if that PVID 1 in my config a good choise is or can i change that also to another PVID?

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