Port forward problem

  • Hello.

    I'm having a problem on port forward. I can access the external ip via lan but i cant access it on wan or public.

    My setup 2 isp--router--pfsense--lan

    I configured port forward directly to pfsense

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    You need to forward from your ISP router first to pfSense WAN and from pfSense to your final target.


  • I apologize for not being clear..

    My setup is like this.

    2 isp -- mikrotik router (lan)-- (wan)pfsense -- server

    I tried this (public ip) port forward (lan) on mikrotik
    (lan) port forward (server) on pfsense but its not working.

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    Show your settings via screenshots. You sure get a public IP from your ISP?


  • @yanafig Do you need the mikrotik router between the ISP modem and the pfsense box?

    You are probably having a double NAT problem right there, and if your ISP modem supports NAT, maybe even a triple NAT problem... yikes!

    The best way to do this, if it's possible from your ISP, is to setup the modem in bridge mode, put the public IP address from your ISP modem on the WAN port of pfsense, then do all the port forwarding on the pfsense box. Works almost every time, unless your ISP does some funky stuff upstream on their network.


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