HaProxy and Raundcube problems

  • Hi there,

    I’m facing issue and hope someone will be kin to help.

    The issue
    My mail server is siting behind pF/HAproxy. I’m able to get to roundcube webmail login page from both LAN and WAN but I can only log in from LAN. When trying to login from WAN webmail login page is just reloading with error “Invalid request! No data was saved.”

    Roundcube logs from LAN:
    Successful login for mylogin (ID: 1) from in session vismntgkr8aukkf5ulaclmj9a5

    but when login from WAN I’m getting error:
    [Failed login for mylogin from 213.205.XXX.XXX) in session (error: 1) is my pFsense with Haproxy

    All help much appreciated

  • the solution was reverse php version to 5.6 on the vhost in www/mailserver so not related to pFsense

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