• Hi.

    I have a WAN network that is a /28 net. My question is, how do i use the rest of the addresses beside the one that my WAN adapter uses.

    I have tried to setup up virtual IP's both as Proxy ARP, CARP and Other, but nothing works

    Im running pf 1.2.2


  • I have read all the documentation i could find, and i have searched the forum - before i posted this :-)

    But i cant get it to work - i have tried to tcpdump on the wan adapter, but i cant seen traffic on any other addresses that the wan adapter address.

  • Maybe you should describe a bit more clear what you are trying to achieve.
    "it doesnt work" is noone helping if you're not even telling what doesnt work.

  • Ok, but as i wrote, it is - very simple :-)

    I have a network segment from my ISP that is a /28 net.

    As it is now i can only use the one address that i assign to my WAN adapter, the rest of the net i woul like to use too.

    But if i set them up in virtual IP's, i cannot use them for NAT as i woul like to - even if i set them as CARP they cannot be ping'ed.

    Am i missing something?

  • Did you create a firewall rules as well?

    But basically: you create the VIP, you use the VIP in an NAT rule.
    As simple as that.

    But if you cannot give information to a specific setup your trying to implement (including how you test if it works), i dont think i can help you more.

  • My setup is like this:

    WAN adapter IP: ...178/28  gw ...177

    LAN adapter IP:

    Virtual IP:
    CARP VHID 1 IP: ..*.179/28

    FW Rules:
    WAN permit any any
    LAN permit any any

    I have tried in the Virtual IP to add the ip ..*.179 as Proxy ARP, Other, and as above, CARP

    I have made a NAT rule to port 80 with ..*.179 as external - So im NOT using ping as a test - But i cannot get any data pass

    I have mads a NET rule to port 22 with ..*.178 as external - Its working fine

    I have tried to change the WAN adapter IP to ..*.179, and its workinn fine.

    Nothing else is configured on the box, everthing is default.

  • So at the moment i have made a workaround:

    Added all my extra IP's in the /28 net in Virtual IP's, then ran "ifconfig le0 alias ..*.179", and so on.

    But thats not really the right way of doing it :-)

  • From your post#6, it looks like you're doing only port forwarding?
    I'm not an expert on this, but if you're trying to map those ip to internal server/system. You can add those ips into VIP as proxy arp and add NAT1:1

    Interface:WAN,  External IP: x.x.x.179 , Internal IP:,  Description: Server 1
    Interface:WAN,  External IP: x.x.x.180 , Internal IP:,  Description: Server 2