Setup WAN on ix0, pitfalls?

  • I am setting up an XG 7100 for a new site. In our current site we have the default, WAN on ETH1, but in the new site the ISP has provided fiber. I have some networking chops, Cisco training, worked with Fortinet and Sonicwall firewalls.

    I assume the VLAN 4090 tagging on the LAGG0 interface is because the default for WAN to be on ETH1. If I assign the WAN to ix0, I can just blow the VLAN 4090 configuration away, right?

    Is there a cheap and cheerful guide for setting ix0 or ix1 as the WAN uplink? What sort of gotchas are there for this? The new ISP circuit is not live yet.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Setting the WAN to use one of the SFP ports is as simple as selecting ix0 (or ix1) from the WAN drop down in Interfaces > Assignments.

    Once it's set to ix0 you can remove the lagg0.4090 VLAN if you wish. Both from the VLAN config and the switch setup. Leaving it configured as a VLAN does not hurt though and you can still chnage the switch config so it is not used.

    I advice making sure you can connect to serial console before making any change like that to avoid accidentally locking your self out:


  • Thanks Steve. I have found the serial console to be indispensable, what with the 30 discrete restore points. Although it was only once, once is enough.

    So leaving the VLAN configured wont cause any routing issues - I guess that makes sense since there's no interface assignment on the switch. I am brand new to Netgate though, so better to ask!


  • Netgate Administrator

    If it's configured but not assigned as an interface in pfSense then no traffic will use it.

    It can be removed from the switch config if you wanted to add Eth1 to vlan 4091 so all 8 ports are LAN for example.


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