Wifi Calling and SMS Issues!!

  • I'm at my wits end. I've read all the various wifi calling related posts in here and haven't found anything that works for our house. The short of it is, SMS will randomly stop working when connected via wifi at our house. I've checked the state table and can see where our phones are connected over 4500 to Verizon.

    Our setup is as follows: https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/

    Spectrum Modem (Modem only, no routing) --> PF Sense 1U server --> Unifi 24 port switch --> Unifi FlexHD / Beacon Mesh wifi --> Samsung Note 9 to Verizon (both phones)

    I originally had OPN installed and was running into this issue, tried putting NAT into hybrid and making some rules for 4500 and 500 to no avail. Out of frustration I loaded up a clean copy of PF and still had the issue. I've sense set PF's NAT into hybrid and created rules for it on 4500 and 500 as well. I've also tried enabling IPv6 tracking the WAN interface, and subsequently disabled IPv6 on WAN and LAN.

    I can arrive home from work and connect up to wifi and send & receive SMS fine for a period of time, and it will then just stop. I get invalid teleservice ID messages in Messages (Google app) sometimes, and other times it just says Sending.... If I toggle wifi off, and back on the messages will go out (assuming over cellular at this point because the state hasn't been established again yet), and SMS & Wifi calling will work again for another period of time (verified by state table).

    Interestingly my dad was visiting this weekend and has an AT&T iPhone SE which worked flawlessly his entire trip without any modifications to PF. We just moved to a new house and this setup worked flawlessly with our previous home & ISP (fiber from CSpire).

    Any guidance the community can provide is greatly appreciated as I'm about to pull my hair out trying to solve this issue. It's infuriating having 20+ messages come through in the morning when I leave the house and hit the cellular network. There's no telling how many messages from friends and family I'm missing at this point.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You should not need to make any changes to pfSense to allow outbound mobile IPSec to work. In fact usually adding static port outbound or port forwards is more likely to make things worse if you have more than one client.

    Check the states from the phone, do you see the IPSec state close when it fails?

    Run a packet capture, what happens when the connection fails?


  • sounds like strictly a wireless equipment issue.

    my first question is how are you using a non UI product to connect to the flexHD?

    if you remove the mesh does it resolve the issue?

    have you been chaning the DTIM settings at all or are they the default?

  • @tony77

    As mentioned above, WiFi calling uses IPSec. Look into why that's failing. Packet capture helps here. If the VPN stays up, it's not a pfSense problem.

    BTW, I've never had an issue with Wifi calling here.

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