SG-3100 VLAN no internet!!

  • Hey guys, I've seen similar posts on here to mine but none seemed to really give me an answer. It was either OP saying "don't know what I did but it works now!" to some advice that did not seem to help.

    I am currently helping a friend set up an SG-3100 for a small business that really wanted pfsense and I have all of our cisco switches and unifi AP's configured for all the VLAN's that we need. I set up the VLAN's on pfsense, added them to the interfaces > switch and added some VLAN to any rules. Here is the odd part, I am able to get an IP address on any device on any of the VLAN's that I created. DHCP is working perfectly. The problem that I am having is that I simply cannot ping or resolve anything from wireless clients. Just no internet.

    NAT rules is set to automatic

    Untagged ports on pfsense does the same thing when I connect my laptop to it. Any advice?

  • I'm not sure if automatic NAT will create the NAT for that new VLAN.
    You may need to set Manual Outbound NAT and create a NAT for that VLAN.

  • We need more info. For example:

    • Give us some insight into the network design... provide a network map.

    • Post the firewall rules for all relevant VLANs.

    • Are your AP's trunked to the switch? If so, what VLANs are allowed on the trunk?

    • Are the AP's connected to a controller? If so, is traffic dumped on the wire or does it flow thru the controller?

    • What are you using for DNS/DHCP? PFsense or something else? If it's something else, what VLAN are the servers on, what are the IPs and are your clients receiving the correct IP's?

    • Are all the appropriate VLANs allowed on the trunk from PFsense to the switch?

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