HAProxy with OpenVPN over tcp/443 on pfSense

  • Hi,

    Recently replaced my HAProxy VM into pfSense HAProxy package instead and that works fine.
    I had OpenVPN on a server before but now i want to run it in pfSense as well.
    The problem is that i want to run OpenVPN over tcp/443 through HAProxy but i cant get it to work.

    Today i've set up a frontend which listens to WAN address port 80 (type http /https(offloading)) and redirects to HTTPS.
    Then a frontend listening on WAN address port 443 (type http /https(offloading)) with ACLs for different domain names and backends.

    I've set OpenVPN to listen to TCP/1194 and a backend accordingly.
    I've tried making a shared frontend but it seems that you can only share the same type (http, tcp and so on).

    How should i proceed to configure HAProxy for using tcp/443 to my OpenVPN (on the pfSense machine)?


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