AirPrint on different VLans

  • Simply put, I set up VLANS, VLAN1 - LAN, Printers, etc... VLAN2 - Mobile Devices.
    I can't print using AirPrint from my iPhones, the phones can't see the VLAN1's Printers.

    How can I set this up? I set up a rule, but that didn't capture anything.

    I know this has to be possible.

    In case anyone asks, I have HP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdw.

  • First of all, LANs or VLANs, there is not difference.
    These are all LAN for an Airprint point of view.

    This is what I have :
    A LAN with 3 printers that are support "AirPrint".
    A second LAN called "PORTAL", - it's a captive portal - which allows clients to use my Internet connection using a lot of AP's etc.

    I installed the Avahi package on pfSense.


    I placed this firewall rule on my second LAN called "PORTAL" :

    "Printers" is an alias for the all the IPv4 that belong to my Airprint printers (remember : Captive portal is IPv4 only).

    When I connect my Phone to the Captive PORTAL network, and want to print something, my Phone proposes these 3 possible printers ... Me being an a LAN, and the printers are on another LAN.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah you need Avahi installed and configured to be able to 'discover' the printers in a different subnet.


  • All, this worked PERFECTLY!!!

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