IPSec established but not work properly

  • I have a problem for months.

    I have mounted an IPSec site to site tunnel with a PFSense and a FW heckPoint. Apparently everything works correctly but after a few days or weeks the tunnel is established but there is no connection between both parties. There is no ping or anything. In pfense packet capture the ping if it goes through the IPSec interface but there is no reply. It is as if the tunnel is not renegotiated and falls even if it is established.
    For the tunnel to work again I have to reconnect and everything would work correctly.

    I can't find the solution and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

    IPSec configuration attachment

    Phase 1:


    PHASE 2



  • Update:

    The remote network is

    When this problem appears sometines i can do ping host in one VLan and not another host in another vlan. For example:

    When i do ping to host on vlan 6: . The ping not work and when I do ping to VLan 19: , the ping work. The problem with Vlans is random.

    I tried to disable DPD but the result is the same.

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