Non local gateway IPv6

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  • Hi everyone,

    My provider OVH give /56 range of IPv6 with the last address as gateway for all subnet.

    In routing section, i use "Use non-local gateway through interface specific route" option.
    In CLI view of the firewall, netstat -rn commad show the default gateway and the gateway address route via WAN interface.

    When i use /56 range on interface, IPv6 work well.
    But when i use a /64 subnet on interface, no connection are possible. My gateway is unreachable.

    This functionality work great for my public IPv4 range with non local gateway option checked.

    Did i miss some option ?

    Have a great day

  • @Overclock

    Does your ISP route your prefix to you? Or just make it available on your modem interface? You need to have it routed for pfSense to split it into multiple /64s.

  • My IPv6 block come with dedicated server, i think all prefix is routed.
    The Pfsense is host on Proxmox hypervisor on this dedicated server, this hypervisor are using an IPv6 in /64 block and use the given gateway.
    The Pfsense WAN interface is bridged on the same interface than the hypervisor WAN interface.


    According with this topic , OVH prefix is not routed...

  • @Overclock said in Non local gateway IPv6:

    OVH prefix is not routed...

    Then you've got a problem. Just giving you a /56 that's not routed is useless. If it's not routed, pfSense cannot split it into /64s. I get a /56 from my ISP, but it's routed so pfSense can split it. I get my prefix through DHCPv6-PD, where the PD stands for prefix delegation. How is your ISP providing IPv6?

  • So many posts about people getting stuck trying to run pfSense at OVH Perhaps a sticky post about this? Or searching for "OVH" first.

    • OVH does not provided routed IPv6 subnet, they just give you a /56 block to play with
    • pfSense does not support NDP Proxy, which would be a solution to the above point. This point has been argued discussed innumerable times on this forum.
    • You need to put something in front of the pfSense that can act as an NDP Proxy to split apart the /56 block, then you're good to go.

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    @awebster said in Non local gateway IPv6:

    OVH does not provided routed IPv6 subnet, they just give you a /56 block to play with

    That is pretty pointless and lame..