Dual WAN and IPSEC

  • Hello,
    I have 2 remote sites with 2 Pfsense
    Site 1:

    • modem in bridge mode
    • LAN on

    Site 2:

    • ADSL modem1
    • modem2 4G
    • WAN ADSL with ADSL gateway
    • WAN 4G with 4G gateway
    • LAN
      I created a group of gateways with the 2 WANs
      Internet works fine

    I created an IPSEC VPN between the 2 sites and the connection is established.
    I set the TCP / UDP and IMCP firewall rules.

    On site 1, I can connect to pfsense in but I cannot ping any device from the site
    On site 2 I have access to nothing.

    Can you tell me where the problem could be please?
    thank you so much

  • Sorry i find the solution
    I disable et enable IPSEC tunnels et it's ok

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