Can't figure out why my phone is blocked from apps.

  • Ive been trying now for a few days, I am not sure what happened makes no sense to me. I didn't change anything when this happened. My phone when I try to use Walmart, affirm, text now for sending pictures, or Amazon apps, the apps say I have no internet. The apps work if I use another internet, so it's definitely my network. Other devices like my tablet, and other phones can use the apps. The phone can use the internet also, I'm typing this on it, just not apps. I have factory reset my phone twice. I removed my static IP my phone use to have. There are no rules I made for the phone in the firewall. I use to have suricata, ng blocker for the region blocks, and squid transparent proxy. I uninstalled all of those just to see if it was something with those. I enabled upnp, hmm can't think of anything else I did.

    The router is a 4970 i7 16gbs of ram. I have it hooked to a switch, which connects to a Asus wifi router in AP mode.

  • @makasoul

    Is your phone actually connected to the network? You can go into the phone status to see if it has a valid IP address. Can you ping it from your LAN? PfSense rules will have no effect on devices connecting over the local LAN.

  • @makasoul

    You have switched off the DHCP server on the Asus wifi router haven't you ?

  • @NogBadTheBad yep, it's in access point mode, so it's basically a switch from what I gather. All the ips show up in pfsense and I can't get access to the Asus router anymore, so it looks like everything is just passed through the Asus router.

    I just reinstalled pfsense on the 4970 and factory reset the Asus router. This time I didn't use my pfsense back up, and it seems to work now. I even have png blocker or the Geo IP blocker, and everything works.

    I still have zero clue what I did to just block my phone it's kinda werid, since there were no rules in the firewall. Then I deleted my pfsense static IP for my phone, so it changed it to dchp and it still was blocked.

    My only guess now was that it was trying to use ip 6 but I have no idea why, I had those disabled like I do now.

    Thank you very much for responding, appreciate your time.

  • @makasoul

    Have you done what I suggested? That is does the phone have a valid IP address for your network? Can you ping it? If everything else works, but the phone doesn't, then it's not a pfSense issue. Get that ping working first and then worry about pfSense and using that app. Take things one step at a time. You're just jumping to conclusions and not doing anything useful to resolve the problem. Once that phone has a valid IP address, you could disconnect pfSense and you should still be able to ping the phone from a computer on your LAN.

    You have switched off the DHCP server on the Asus wifi router haven't you ?

    Having multiple DHCP servers on a network is not a problem, provided it's handing out the correct info. Large networks often have more than one DHCP server and the devices gets the info from whichever one responds first.

  • @JKnott Yep the phone was connected to the network, it had a static ip at first, then i removed its static from pfsense, which gave it a dchp address. All the internet worked, the only things that didnt work were the walmart app, amazon app, and affirm app. I could browse the internet, download off of play store, and play games. I dont understand what happened, after I formatted the pfsense hard drive and reinstalled it, my phone could connect to the apps. It was 100 percent something i did in pfsense some how, because I could connect to those apps on my other internet from a different provider, and at walmart.

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