SG-3100: Restart Procedure After Halt?

  • Ok, sorry for the super trivial question, but I haven't seen this clearly spelled out anywhere and this is my first network appliance. After reading all the warnings about safe shutdowns and the many corrupted file system help threads, I'm convinced to use an UPS and always perform a Halt.

    However, after a Halt is performed on the SG-3100, whether manually or by NUT due to a power failure, what is the correct way to get the SG-3100 in operation again? Reset button? Power cycle by pulling the plug?



  • If you do a software halt, wait about 45 seconds after your ssh connection dies. Then, pull the power. If you have the serial console hooked up, you'll see when it's safe to pull the power.

  • Netgate Administrator

    To power it back up either disconnecting the power or using the reset button will reset the CPU and start the boot process.


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