Nzbget bugging down pfsense

  • This is not happening every time but whenever I download something from usenet using Nzbget, ping to my local pfsense gateway IP goes haywire (in the ranges of 1-2 secs latency) and my network starts to crawl. Pausing the dowload fixes the isssue and I know that Nzbget is the culprit but I don't understand why.

    I have 30 connections available to my newshosting server and I'm using them all. Dropping down to 15 connections does nothing to solve the issue.

    Now I have not isolated yet if it's happening also on wired connections but I'm certain that it happens to all wireless connections. My network is pretty flat:

    ISP ONU -> pfsense box -> ASUS switch/wifi AP

    I'm not having any problems when downloading torrents (using Deluge) which makes a lot more connections than Nzbget and to think that it is p2p.

    Can it be the switch/wifi AP causing the problem? Perhaps a broadcast storm? Though I'm not really familiar on what causes a broadcast storm (just trying to think out of the box here). My next test would be to recreate the issue while pinging another client in my network. If it does the same thing while running the download in Nzbget, then I would assume that the switch/wifi AP is the issue because that test isolates the pfsense box.

    Monitoring graphs in pfsense looks to be fine as well so I doubt that Nzbget is saturating any of its resources. After all, my Internet subscription is just 35 down/35 up. It's worth noting that I use squid as a cache proxy server but I don't think Nzbget is even using it because it doesn't use http/https.

    Any other ideas? Thanks!

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's clearly maxing out something. You should definitely test over a wired connection first though you could just be seeing wifi issues.


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