Public IPs not accessible, FW config or routes?

  • I have a /29 public network assigned to router(s) and a /24 that's routed to it. I have a RR-loadbalanced config running to my switch, and then I have other boxes that are set up with IP's from the /24. I have the PFsense set up as a .1 gateway on the LAGG and I can access it internally and externally, but none of the other IP's are accessible.

    Meaning, from outside on the public net, I can hit the pfsense host at the .1 IP with whatever traffic I allow on the firewall rules, but I can't access any of the other IP's in the subnet that are attached to hosts. The odd thing is the hosts can ping and access the gateway, and access external resources too. I have the interface set with a /32 for the .1, and the gw configured as the .1 as well, no VRRP.

    What am I missing? I have a FW rule allowing any traffic from the WAN (/29) to go to the downlink port as well.

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