• Hello
            could please guide me how to configure load balancer with multile wan to single lan.I tried but it work's with only one wan connection.Is there any need to configure Firewall rules and Nating.

    I have configured pfsense like

    WAN 1 –-\                                                WAN1:-  It is having static IP, gateway and two DNS records. 
    WAN 2 --- |---  pfsense  ----- LAN  .            WAN2
    WAN 3 ---/                                                          ------------ Both having Different static IP's, Same Gateway and same DNS records.

    I need to transfer traffic from all three WAN to LAN and If any WAN connection goes to down automatically get the data from wan 2 or wan3.


  • After you create your loadbalancing pool you will need to edit the firewall rule on LAN.
    Set in the modified rule as gateway "name_of_your_pool".

    If two of your WANs have the same gateway you will only be able to use one of them.

    However this is about OUTGOING traffic.
    Inbound traffic to servers does not need any loadbalancing.