What is the output from the ifstats.php script?

  • I hope this is the right place to ask this, I thought the pfSense developers might be more likely to know the answer rather than the end users.

    What is the output from the ifstats.php?if=vr1 page?  It looks like this:


    I assume they are some kind of counter?  Is an an incrementing value, like how much traffic has passed since last boot?  What are the 3 separate values?

    I'm thinking about writing a script on our monitoring server that pulls in this data ever second or two and logs it for charting.  I run pfsense embeded so I can't install any plugins to do long term graphing there.

    Is there a lot of overhead when calling this script?  If it just pulls some counters off the nic then I would assume not, but maybe its calculating these values somehow.

    Also if I call the script with ifstats.php?if=vr2, ifstats.php?if=vr3, etc. I keep getting values, at least in the first column.  But my hardware device only has 3 network ports.  What are these additional interfaces, are they virtual IPs?

    Thanks for any info.

  • from the php code:

    echo "$timing|" . $ifinfo['inbytes'] . "|" . $ifinfo['outbytes'] . "\n";

    meaning 'time|inbytes|outbytes'

    if you pick an interface that doesnt exist, it gives you only the time.  try using 'wan' or 'lan' instead.

    you could use this every easily to write a monitoring program, or you could use snmp as well.

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