PFSense States monitoring

  • Hi to all,
    I have a question about the number of states active in a pfsense box.
    I'm trying to monitor it continuously via snmp but two different monitoring devices give me 2 different result: in order to understand wich one is wrong i tryed to check by myself.
    From the cli I count a number of states (about 90k) and the same (more or less) is displayed in the dashboard.
    However the value in status > moitoring > states is very different (about 55k).

    The same issue seems to be present on multiple devices, but this box is the one that handle more traffic and where the issue is more evident.

    Has someone experienced the same behaviour?
    What is the correct oid to monitor current states in the firewall?

    states_dashboard.png states_monitoring.png

    Thaks and regards.

  • Netgate Administrator

    I'm not able to replicate that.

    Is that pfSense 2.4.4p3?

    If you change the monitoring graph to a shorter time scale you get better resolution. Do you still see this if you set the graph to 1hr?


  • Hi Stephen,
    I see the problem only on this firewall (on a 2.3.2 release ), I don't know if it is because if this is the more utilized device that I manage. (I have on my roadmap the task to update this firewall too)
    However the problem is present whatever sampling I choose


  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah, OK. Well since I can't replicate it in 2.4.4 it's probably something that has been fixed since 2.3.2 was released in 2016.

    You should upgrade for many reasons but an additional one is to retest this on that hardware/network in 2.4.4.


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