Route internal 80/443 to router from outside? (loopback?)

  • All,

    I have HAProxy (for multi-site, single IP) on my PFSense firewall, and I'd like to have my internal PC's be able to enter any of the URL's that is managed by HAProxy. The problem now is that the loopback does not seem to work with HAProxy. Any thoughts?

    Just another way to put this: I have set up HAPrroxy with Acme to handle my certs and websites. It works well from the outside, however, I don't have the same certs on my web servers (its a lab), I would like to be able to access them from internal, still secured from my router.

  • Your problem is called NAT-reflection. I explained it here.

    If HA-Proxy is not changing the source IP of the request, then you should be fine, else you have to assign a source NAT rule for everything that comes from the networks that are behind your firewall to your firewall's IP-address.

  • My problem was Inside DNS was pointed to the internal IP address of my router where it should have been pointed to the outside.

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