Multiple routers, multiple wan failover

  • My home and business networks are connected via long range wifi (several miles). Currently this is an extension of my wireless subnet (it's all Ubiquity equipment) but I'd like to break it into separate networks with separate WANs and failover between them. Ideally clients would use their local WAN but automatically failover to the other WAN across the long range link if needed.

    Is this something pfsense can do and if so, could you point me in the right direction on setting it up?

    The proposed configuration:

    Home router: Netgate SG5100
    WAN: Internet connection
    LAN 1: Home's local area network
    LAN 2: Home's wifi network
    LAN 3: Long range link to business

    Business router: Netgate APU4 (I already own this)
    WAN: Internet connection from a different provider
    LAN 1: Business network
    LAN 2: Long range link to home

    Thank you for your help!

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