CONTEST: Lowest pfsense box wattage!

  • I am not sure if this is something that is around here already but I thought this would be fun and interesting.  Post how much power your pfsense box is using in watts and see who wins!  You will need a meter to participate and it would also be more fun if you posted the hardware that you are using!  This might go a long way to answering newbie questions when it comes to hardware and low power since it is an issue with the rising costs of energy.

  • It's going to be a tie between everyone using an Alix…

  • or a blowout loss for everyone using x700's.

  • Unless the older WRAP boards take less power…

  • I figured I would get some responses at least.

  • i´m far from lowest but i guess it goto start somwhere

    P3 933mhz


  • I have a couple boxes.  I finally got a meter on one.  My Nortel Network Contivity 100 with an overclocked K6-2+ (I replaced the Cyrix chip with a blazing fast K6-2+) uses about 50 watts to load and runs at about 31 watts.

    My current firewall is a VIA board and I have to throw the meter on that.

  • Biggest two problems with this contest are lack of energy meters(especially good ones) and annoyance of taking whole network down just to measure it. I'll try to get some before/after results from UPS management software when i get chance to upgrade this box. It'll be weeks or even months before that happens tho.


    or a blowout loss for everyone using x700's.

    X750 would be interesting. It has mobile Celeron-M 320 instead desktop P3 based Celeron 1.2

    Won't propably have any chance againsts lightest boards as it has lots of extra hardware on board like Cavium NitroX lite etc. I think i'll take bunch of photos and start new topic abot this box when i finally manage to obtain reasonably priced Pentium-M 780.

  • My ALIX box draws 5w according to a Kill-a-Watt.  It varies up or down by a watt or two depending on how busy the CPU is.