Tried to change LAN ip, now unable to login pfSense

  • I changed LAN ip address ( -> on WebGUI. Before pressing "Apply" on interface-page I checked if DHCP-server tab gave opportunity to addjust DHCP-range, but whole LAN-section there had disappeared. Next went back interfaces and pressed "Apply". Since that I have not managed to connect pfSense. DHCP server is down. I have tried manually setup ip-address to both 192.168.1.x and 192.168.77.x -ranges, but with no luck (eg. ping is not working).

    I never checked console output while everything was ok, but now I wont see any suspicious here: pfsense console.txt. Why there is no normal Console Menu ( Is there any other option than reinstall?

    Thanks! I have no idea what mistake I made.

  • That boot is not complete, how long did you wait while connected to the serial console?
    The two things I noticed are 1) You don't need to plug a keyboard into an APU, and 2) You can get by with a much smaller, cheaper msata than that one. I typically use a 32 gb.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That is the last thing you would see if it's using vid console as primary console though. And doesn't complete the boot for some reason; the menu usually appears on all configured consoles.

    You can probably force serial to be primary and then see what the error is. It's probably an interface mismatch.


  • I made first hard reset before connecting console. Mayby I managed corrupt media? I have now rebooted machine couple of times, but it always stops this same phase; nothing have happened in 2 hours.

    1. external keyboard is only for soft reset (ctrl-alt-del), there is probably way to press this same on my windows-laptop-console, but external keyboard was just easier choise
    2. that msata is 32gb, 25 € or something..

  • TIL- you can reboot a PCEngines APU2 via USB keyboard.
    I tried this, and the OS does seem to reboot cleanly after a single C-A-D, and doesn't just dump the box like pulling the power would.

  • I tried to apply those boot options, but I think I have some problem with my terminal. Some menu options on boot menu work, but for example [Esc]ape needed for loader prompt is not activating at all. Even working menus are really slow. Is it possible I have some cable or terminal emulation issue? I used some other terminal machine + client when installing system and it was normal. Now it is IBM T23 + Tera Term.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes you might have a bad cable or bad terminal setup. Hardware flow-control that has no wires existing can result it no input to the appliance.

    Can you enter Coreboot setup (F10 for boot menu)? That would prove your terminal setup.


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