Random Failing Websites

  • Good evening all,

    Can anyone recommend the best way to troubleshoot why a few websites are failing to open. I'm trying to figure out which package is the likely culprit, as this seems to have just begun.

    I have two examples...

    First, www.mtb.com will not open at all; it just times out.

    And www.express-scripts.com throws the following error. "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator."

    I have tried disabling pfBlockerNG, Squid, Suricata, etc... I then reset states, restarted and get the same result with all that off. The only recent change has been enabling the traffic shaper, but I can't imagine how that could do this?

    Any ideas how to figure out the issue? There are probably other sites broken as well, I just haven't stumbled across them...

    I appreciate the help...


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