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  • Good Morning,
    I installed PFsense some time ago but I still haven't been able to put Captive Portal into production because I need to create a personalized voucher and I can't change the database of his Freeradius3 server.
    In the services menu> FreeRADIUS> Sql there are only the options "mysql" and "PostgreSQL". I entered the directory / urs / local / share / examples / freeradius / raddb / most-avaliable, changed the configuration of sql.conf to
    driver = "rlm_sql_unixodbc" (I also tried it with rlm_sql_oracle as suggested by the file itself)
    unsuccessfully. When I restart the service and go back to services> FreeRADIUS> Sql, only the default options still appear.
    Is there any way to change the database to Oracle?

  • LAYER 8

    it is not supported, you can ask a new feature here
    your only option is to install freeradius on another machine or convert the database

    the configuration files are overwritten every time you change something on the GUI consequently you lose what you entered manually

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