Trouble with routing WAN > LAN

  • Update:
    My issue is solved. The problem was pfSense somehow got some bad gateways in its config. Once those were removed and the correct gateway set, everything seems to be working without issue.

    Here's a rough sketch of my network setup:

    modem -> (eth1) mikrotik router
              (eth2)|   |(eth3)
                    |   |
           Net A ---|   |---(eth1) pfSense
                            |   |
             (eth2) Net B---|   |---Net C (eth3)

    I want to use a device in Net A to connect to a device in Net B or C by using the IP address of the host. I do not want to use the IP of the pfSense box and have it use NAT to make the connection.

    Current configurations:
    mikrotik router: static routes are setup for the subnets connected to the pfSense box.
    pfSense: Fresh install and firewall rules on all interfaces are set wide open (ANY ANY ANY).

    Net B and C hosts can currently talk to each other and connect to the internet.
    Net A cannot reach hosts in Net B or C. Net A can connect to the internet.

    Let me know if there's any more information I can provide.

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