DNS Resolver

  • I have been doing research on both this forum and Google searches discussing the topic of DNS Resolver and it's setup.

    Initially I was going to use TLS over DNS however I think it is better that everything is resolved via pfSense and not using a 3rd party. Even though Cloudflare and Quad9 have good reviews you never know if they will sell any information... plus my ISP doesnt't keep any DNS logs (or so they say). If I feel the need for more security I will just use my computer connected to the dedicated VPN vlan.

    Is it possible to look over my settings and let me know if I have missed anything? Also, are there any tests I can do to see if the DNS Resolver is working correctly?

    System - General.png

    I have only enabled DNS Resolver on the Network Interfaces Lan, IoT, PC, UniFi, FreeNAS & Localhost. I have omitted my VPN and the other entries as I only want the DNS Resolver to work on these interfaces. Not sure if this is correct as some websites say to select All whilst others say Localhost only or Localhost + required interfaces for resolving

    DNS - General.png

    DNS - Advanced I.png

    DNS - Advanced II.png

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