A very long-winded question about PF sense and hardware, and a bit of a soap box with regards to evolving tech with planned obsolescence and security issues to bleed consumers dry of their money

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  • @Heartspeace your sentence structure needs a LOT of work. What is your concern?

    I have been a Electrical and then network engineer and computer scientist since the 1980s. I do not believe in "planned obsolesce". This is largely a myth. Most companies are trying to delivery excellent products although many suck at it.

    Yes, pfSense is an awesome product (I am recent convert after many years dealing with Cisco Entitlement, arg). Put in a pfSense 2.4, be happy!

    If you can please state your concerns about technologies that are significant to human progress, please make your sentences short, clear, and to the point.
    If you want to discuss toys like TVs and doorbells, I am lack interest.

    Thank you for your long post. Please try a series of shorter posts for precision.

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    I have to disagree on one thing only..
    "planned obsolesce" is a fact not a myth,
    not everyone applies this policy of course but there are alot of example out there proving this
    the more evident one is for example to limit the life of a light bulb
    Apple's use of pentalobe screws in their newer devices is an attempt to prevent the consumer from repairing the device themselves
    Non-user-replaceable batteries
    Smart chips in ink cartridges to prevent them from being used after a certain threshold constitutes "planned obsolescence"
    when you design a board and you put capacitors in a place where the temperature is hot you know that the capacitor itself would last no more than 3 years. there are alot of triks to make everything with "planned obsolesce" in mind 😉
    last example ... server grade vs consumer grade