Using serial console to instead of a gfx card

  • HI,
    I've building my own pfsense box using a matx with I3 9100.
    Due to PCI-E slot availibility and lack of onboard gfx am forced to use my x16 slot for my 4 port nic.
    It's always easier when you can physically see what's going on with your pfsense box hence you need a gfx card.

    Is it possible to us my serial port to watch my pfsense box post (i.e. bios to pfsense) as if it was a monitor plugged into the pfsense box?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, just enable serial console in Sys > Adv > Admin Access.

    However you board may not boot without a graphics card or it may require some BIOS setting to allow it to do so.


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