L2TP to Windows server

  • I have an L2TP service running on Windows Server 2016. I can connect a VPN client from within the LAN, which I think means that the service is set correctly. However, trying to connect from outside generates the following error message:7a28754f-3b71-4c78-ba26-dadcb7577cdb-image.png
    I imagine that I am doing something wrong with the NAT. However, NATting to a different L2TP server worked well, and all I did was to redirect the NAT to a different LAN server. Here is my config. Any advice?

  • A long shot. Have you checked that all ports are open in the local FW on the windows server?

    If you are on the same network when you test internally you probably ain't using NAT-T so those ports might be closed

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