Multi Wan with same gateway and splitting with Active directory groups

  • Hi
    My problem is :
    I have 600 active directory client connected to internet by proxy setting in 8080 port with GPO , bandwidth shaping and quota limited are set by Security group , and yes it has SSO so all user's do not have to use their user and password, all off this i made by Microsoft TMG , now i have question about Pf-sense :
    1- can i use pf-sense with active directory and limiting ad user's in proxy mod?
    2- can i have SSO with good log reporting , for users?
    3- can i have dual wan without load balancing and fail over just for splitting ad groups to led them with desired wan ?

    Please give me your best advise .

  • Netgate Administrator

    1. It depends what you want to Limit. You can filter sites by group membership.

    2. No.

    3. Yes, as long as you can match the required groups in firewall rules. If it's only by AD group member ship that may not be possible. You might be able to have Squid use a different source IP/WAN directly, I'm not sure I've ever seen that tried.


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