Use pfSense as part of a larger commercial project

  • I know variations of this question have been asked before, and I have read, but the details are still not clear for me.

    A company sells home automation projects. They sell you the whole solution; hardware, software, configuration, and everything.
    The quotation contains all the separate items (light switch, temperature sensor, lamps, touchscreen, servers) all priced individually and a total project price.

    Say the project requires a DHCP server.
    Is it allowed to put a line "DHCP server" in the quotation, for some price, and use pfSense on that device as a DHCP server?
    The name or logo of pfSense are mentioned nowhere, only the functionality (DHCP) of the server/device is stated.

    Is this allowed by the guidelines?
    In my opinion, this does not qualify as "to offer “Installation of pfSense® software” as a service” because there's no mention of pfSense anywhere.
    What about "to sell a device pre-loaded with pfSense® software to customers". Again, pfSense is mentioned nowhere, but the device is loaded and configured with pfSense before/while it is installed with the rest of the project.

    I hope someone has the final answer to this.

  • @jsparla The fact still remains that you're using pfSense whether mentioned or not... I would use a Raspberry Pi here with Ubuntu or CentOS!

  • @NollipfSense That's true.
    I see my example looking a lot like "Example 1" from the "Can I sell pfSense" article: "A consultant may offer firewall services (e.g. “Fred’s Firewalls”), without mentioning pfSense® software or using the logo in their advertising, marketing material, and so on. They can install pfSense® software and manage it for their customers."

    Unfortunately, the example does not state what hardware Fred uses, where he buys the hardware and whether he charges his customers for the hardware and his services, but not for pfSense.
    That's what I'm missing in the example.

    Your suggestions are good, but pfSense has such a simple and well finished interface, which makes it much easier to use for some services/packages than Ubuntu or CentOS, with another interface for that service/package (or no interface at all).

  • @jsparla It wouldn't hurt to contact Netgate for a support agreement for your client...that's the best way to keep all stakeholders happy, I believe and that's fair as well as doesn't cost an arm or leg.

  • Galactic Empire Netgate Administrator

    @jsparla - The ideal situation there is that the company selling home automation solutions might work with us to find the best way to integrate tested, supported hardware appliances running pfSense software from Netgate. Many other companies use our appliances as a piece of the overall solution they offer. The SG-1100 and SG-3100 come to mind as highly flexible, supported, affordable solutions for larger projects.

    We have a partner program that might fit right in with the business model you reference.

    Feel free to contact and have a chat to see how we can help.


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