Issue with LAN interface after installation on Fitlet2

  • Hi,
    I've installed the latest pfSense onto a new Fitlet2 but can't get past an issue with the LAN interface. I was able to get an IP address on the WAN port from my ISP without any problems and I set the static address on the LAN port. I'm able to ping in the pfSense shell as well as curl from the shell to to see the login page content of the web ui. But I can't ping from my pc attached to the LAN port directly nor via a switch, or see the web UI login page via http. I tried setting a static address on my pc and also tried to get an address via dhcp but it won't connect.

    I'm out of ideas and would appreciate any help. I can see others on the forum running ok with a Fitlet2. Are there any firewall settings I need to change first, that can be done from the command line? Perhaps I've overlooked something simple.

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