Bandwith limiting users , depening if they are on failover gateway being active or not

  • I have two WAN's in Gateway group, normally in tier 1 mode I dont want anything throttling, in case of tier 2 failover, I would like throttling to be active per user as the secondary Gateway is a LTE router, not so much worrying about data than congestion. one user can cripple the whole LTE connection.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You might be able to do this by making use of the option: Skip rules when gateway is down.

    That's a setting in System > Advanced > Misc. It applies globally so you would have to be careful.

    With that set use two rules on the LAN to pass traffic. The first via the main gateway. The second via the LTE gateway with limiters set. If the main gateway goes down that rule will not be applied and traffic will hit the second rule.

    Add copious notes because that would be an unusual setup, highly likely to confuse anyone who sees it later. 😉


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