Centurylink Static Public IP setup for LAN clients

  • I am trying to setup a block of static ips I am connecting via PPPoE no modem is on the network as PPPoE is done on PFsense as well as VLAN tag 201 for the Centurylink Service.

    the WAN is set to PPPoE IP 65.xxx.xxx.70
    my LAN is
    the network IP is 65.xxx.xxx.64
    and the broadcast is 65.xxx.xxx.71

    With a usable range of 65.xxx.xxx.65
    through 65.xxx.xxx.69 i want that range to be served to some LAN servers. I would appreciate any help with this.

    edit i don't want virt IP

  • You can try setting up a third interface in bridge mode to the WAN and see if that works.. Other than that I believe you are stuck with VIP's and either 1:1 NAT or port forwarding.

    "No Modem".. Is this fiber?

  • Yes it is fiber i was able to do pppoe on pfsense as well as vlan tagging 201 witch modem did so i was able to remove modem.

  • IPv4 address is being used by or overlaps with: WAN ( thats using bridge

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