newbie and default gateway settings

  • Just setting up pfsense, working great now but had issues with default gateways. Initially I did the install behind another router connected to a cable mode, It all worked. Upon taking the router out and wan interface on cable modem... no internet from LAN. Played around and found I needed to do one of 2 things under system/routing/gateways
    make the GW_LAN interface dynamic and choose it a default gateway
    put the pfsense LAN IP in GW_LAN and set default gateway to automatic, in which case it chooses the WAN interface (I guess I could choose WAN interface as well).
    Doing either of these allows internet to Lan, although I'm not sure if there's a difference between these 2 settings. I left it on the first one, GW_LAN default gateway with dynamic ip.
    I just wanted to put this in for other newbies getting started as it helped me.

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