Best way to site-to-site link pfSense systems

  • I realize this may be similar to other questions already asked, but I'm unable to figure it out. I am thinking of setting up a pfSense at a family member's house and would like to access local machines on one network with the other. Both networks will be gigabit up/down if it matters in the same city, but unfortunately not from the same ISP.

    My only experience with VPN is I've set up an OpenVPN setup for my laptop and iOS devices to tunnel traffic from wherever I may be through my home network. This provides a bit of security when I'm on public wi-fi or needing to get around restrictive content blockers of some wi-fi hotspots.

    I don't really desire to tunnel ALL traffic from one pfSense through the other, I only wish to allow devices on one subnet to reach the other, otherwise, traffic NOT going to the other subnet will travel through a pathway as if there were no VPN link.

    I've seen instructions on setting up site-to-site IPsec Version 2; is this what I am looking for?

  • Netgate Administrator

    IPSec is generally faster so if you have Gigabit at both sites you will be able to use more of it with IPSec.

    You can use either though.


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