Route all traffic through IPSec

  • After successfully setting up an IPSec tunnel from my Site B to Site A (Site A being my primary site, B is remote), I also set up in P2.
    All of the internal traffic works really well! In fact, the VPN is very solid!
    But External traffic does not push through. For example, if I ping it fails.
    I do a packet capture on both sites using ipsec as the interface.
    • On Site B I see the traffic transmitting to IPSec
    • On site A I see the traffic coming in from IPSec
    But on Site A, switch the interface to my outbound interface, but I do not see the traffic when captured.
    I do have Firewall Rules set up on both sides to allow all IPSec traffic
    I also set up an Outbound NAT rule for this traffic.

    Here is my IPSec status on Site B

    Here is my outbound nat on site A

    What am I missing?

  • I figured it out! Because of the way that my gateways are configured, I had to set up a firewall rule for Site B's subnet on Site A's router under IPSec that has a gateway that is the same as my outbound NAT.

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