Service Watchdog Bug?

  • Just installed Service Watchdog and i started to add services.

    1.In the "Add New Service" page, there is only an option to ADD & no option to CANCEL. so if one decides not to add any service one has to hit the back button to go back. it might be worthwhile to add a CANCEL button

    1. Once you add all services in the drop down list, you can still click on Add New Service and the ADD button is enabled even though there arent any services to add. if you click on the add button, you get to a blank page.. i think the ADD button must be disabled here

    pfsense 2.4.5RC with Service Watchdog Ver 1.8.6

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. That's the same as most any other page. Just click back or click away in the menu. Not a bug.

    2. There is no valid reason for anyone to add every service to the watchdog. It's illogical and highly likely to cause problems. Don't do that. Also not a bug since nobody should ever be in that situation.

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