Fatal Error Call to undefined function tagfile_deformat() at line 203

  • :(

    unfortuneally the latest builds have all the the same problem for me , in a new install they all give the following error :

    Fatal Error  Call to undefined function tagfile_deformat () at line 203.

    it seems it has to do with the Lan adapter.

    after a reboot it has no Lan Ip anymore so the pfsense box get's broken.

    Has anyone experienced this problem ? and already solved it ?

  • It's would be easier for others to comment if you specify which version you tried and motherboard used.
    Try with 1.2.3, if it's a very new motherboard it might only be supported in 2.0 / Freebsd 8

  • Sorry ,

    i'm using 2.0 Alpha Alpha  bsd 8  from 29 april

    the full message says : Fatal error  Call to undefined function tagfile_deformat() in  etc/inc/config at line 203

    the motherboard is an old HP board with a 309 3com Interface and a Realtek interface.

    with an old version of 2.0 Alpha Alpha  say a month ago there is no problem at all. Recently i updated to the latest via the firmware update function but then it gets broken and my Lan interface (rl0)  doesn't have a ip config anymore.

    after this i did a new install with the latest ISO from the site but this gives me the same problem without using the old config file.


  • pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090430-0705.iso.gz

    tried this one , with bsd 7  ….....same problem

  • just tested with pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090427-1036.iso

    no problems anymore , so there must be something wrong in the releases after this one for me.

    i don't know what , but it has to do with the Realtek of config file.

    ??? ??? ??? ???

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