Dynamic /64 on dialup with Windows ADDS DNS-Server and stateful DHCP.

  • Hi,

    so I was looking into this because I ran into a few problems.

    What I got working so far:

    All clients are registering their IP6 in the ADDS-DNS when they got it assigned. They also use the ADDS-DNS-Server that I hand out via DHCP6.

    So far so good. That makes forward lookup work like a charm. Together with a rule to sort up the entries that are older than one day from the ADDS-DNS, you don't have any leftovers in case a client goes offline before deleting it's DNS-registration.

    The only thing missing is the reverse lookup. The registration of the forward-lookup-components is working because the domain is already registered in the DNS, but the reverse lookup zone is missing and not created automagically...

    I was thinking about doing all kinds of Powershell tricks, till I realized it would be enough if pfSense could just provide the reverse lookup zone (in-addr.arpa), by registering the FQDN in the DHCP6-request to its nameserver.

    By using the ADDS-DNS as default on all clients, and forwarding requests to unknown DNS-zones to the pfSense nameserver for further lookup, a reverse lookup of an IP6 from the dynamic /64 should just work out of the box.

    No scripts needed, nothing. It will all work fully automagically.

    I was looking into using ADDS-DHCP6-server to do this via the Assisted option of the RA-server in pfSense. Sadly the DHCP-server doesn't want to offer additional information to clients without having a subnet to serve. So that one is out of the question.

    I wonder if there's another solution out there that doesn't require heavy scripting?


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