Why does my post fail?

  • Trying to post I get this message:

    Post content was flagged as spam by Akismet.com

    What is this all about?

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    Thumbs up probably needed. Give some love, people.

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    Should be good now.

  • @stephenw10 said in Why does my post fail?:

    Should be good now.

    NO, I still get that message. Trying to post in pfBlocker subgroup

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    Hmm. Unfortunately increasing your forum reputation is the only control we have there. You may have to just post a link to whatever you're trying to post directly instead.


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    And remove things that look like links from whatever you're trying to post.

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    What I can tell you is your current IP you talked to the forum from is on multiple blacklists


    So yeah I would HOPE our system flags your posts as spam..

  • @johnpoz said in Why does my post fail?:

    What I can tell you is your current IP you talked to the forum from is on multiple blacklists

    That's interesting. Guess I have to talk to AT&T

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    Those look like email blacklists. Not uncommon for "dialup" IP addresses to be on those.

    And SORBS is the absolute worst blacklist on the planet.

  • Thanks, the Internet is getting tougher to deal with as time goes on.

    In this case, I have an email address (the one registered here) that is decades old. The ISP that owns that address cannot give me anything better than DSL. So now I have ATT fiber and pay a small monthly fee to my old ISP for a dialup acct in order to keep that old email acct and continue to use that email in addition to newer correspondence using gmail & icloud. The old address from a faster provider has worked fine for about 5 yrs now. rdns shows my email originating at ATT but using a server from a different ISP. And that old email addr is a domain<dot>city<dot>state<dot>us address. Gmail barfed over that a few months ago (after years of not being a problem), I don't know if they created that reputation for my IP or not. I do suspect that a .us address is always suspect now that ICANN is no longer in charge of domains.

    Interestingly, gmail will accept email from that configuration if therer are only one or two addressee's, but if I put a bcc: or more than a few addressee's I suddenly get flagged as a bulk mailer. In normal human could read the email and see it's not spam but their algorithms apparently don't go beyond counting the addressee's in the header.

    Since cutting out the bcc: and instead sending separate emails to persons who I wish not to expose the address I have not had further issues with gmail. Getting my reputation fixed is more difficult and it appears I'll just have to give up that old address.

    Thanks for the comments here, they have been helpful

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    IP address you are connecting from has absolutely nothing to do with any email addresses.

  • Yes. I was thinking that they might be able to help getting me off those spam lists since it is their IP block. But now that I think about it, talking to ATT is probably a waste of time. At a minimum they will tell me to use sbcglobal.

    My email ISP has tried to help with spf and that worked for several years but it's apparent that is no longer good enough. This is the handwriting on the wall for me. I'll have to pull the plug on my old address and wait out the blacklisters.

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