Question about Layer 3, 10Gbe and 40Gbe

  • Hi,

    I hope I'm posting this question in the correct section, if not, please tell me where to post it.

    I have a small network of 10Gbe cards and a Microtik switch. As far as I know, this switch is good for L2, but for L3, I'll need to find another solution.

    My problem, however, is that I also plan to move from 10Gbe to 40Gbe and purchase another switch (probably another Microtik, as I need it cheap and preferably silent) probably next year and again - they are good for L2, not L3.

    My question: what CPU is recommended for such a PFSense solution? (I don't see any Netgear box that supports QSFP28) - Is Ryzen 5 3600 with 32GB RAM should be enough for L3? (not going to do some complex stuff - just some default routing, maybe forwarding to a 1Gbe connection to access the internet).


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