Strange behavior

  • Good afternoon, I have a problem that I have not been able to solve, I have a server behind pfsense which processes information and generates pdf documents, WAN and LAN (ping) browsing, requests, etc ... excellent, but when I generate a pdf on LAN It works OK., but in WAN it takes a lot of time to generate in the browser, everything seems to indicate that pfsense, the pfsense I have it without extra packages, any idea. I'm sorry for my English,

    EDIT: Server, Apache 2, PHP 7.2, MySQL, CENTOS 7

    The strange thing is that on LAN it works without any problem both browsing and PDF generation, but when it is visited by WAN it takes too long to generate PDF (that is why I discard the server), the navigation is very fast

  • What is the server? Apache? ect..

  • Apache 2, php 7.2, MySQL 8.02, Centos 7

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check the firewall logs for blocked traffic. I could imagine it's trying to open a different port perhaps and has to timeout.
    Otherwise it's hard to see what pfSense could be doing there. You are fowarding ports to it I assume? 80 and 443?


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