Multi-WAN - Traffic on firewall rule goes in WAN 2, but somehow leaves WAN 1!

  • I have two WANs in my PFSense firewall.

    I set up a firewall rule, infact even set up force gateway mode, but everything that hits my WAN 2 trys to go back out to WAN 1.

    Here is an example:

    Going to WAN2

    00:29:40.650007 IP > tcp 0

    00:29:40.920083 IP > tcp 0

    00:29:43.659947 IP > tcp 0

    00:29:43.909794 IP > tcp 0

    Going back out WAN1

    00:28:53.919782 IP > tcp 0

    00:28:54.169620 IP > tcp 0

    00:28:56.919656 IP > tcp 0

    00:28:56.921034 IP > tcp 0

    00:28:57.172666 IP > tcp 0

    What can I do to fix this issue?

  • Did you assign a gateway to WAN2 in the interface settings?

  • Fixed it! Yes, I did assign a gateway, however I was confused when I assigned it, because I thought it was the gateway IP of my interface, not the gateway of the internet service IP. Such a silly mistake! Spent all night on it trying to figure it out.

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