Slow LAN speed after pfsense on a few computers on my network.

  • Ok I have a network that consisted of a Comcast gigabit modem/router a 24 port gigabit switch and a few computers running windows 10. Now before I did the pfsence install I ran a internet speed test and all computers a total of 4 show about a 940 Mbps connection to the internet. I then swapped in my pfsense box and set everything up. Now two computers are seeing gigabit speeds and the other two are showing 3-400 Mbps. I have been all over the cabling changing ports and nothing. I cant think anything that would cause that. I then ran iperf across a few computers and I am seeing the same downfall of speed. That stumped me because at that point its pretty much computer to computer through the switch. I then pulled the pfsense machine out and set the modem up to normal non bridged mode and everythign is fine again. So what do I do now? Is this a PC issue. network issue or router?

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you saw that limit between two hosts in the same subnet that traffic goes directly, or at least it should. pfSense never sees it and cannot do anything to affect it.
    I would have to guess something is misconfigured on the client.


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