Outbound Nat Single Host Secondary Link

  • Hi all!
    I have this configuration:

    WAN 1: Default GTW
    WAN 2: Secondary Link

    Firewall has configured with hybrid NAT

    I need that one machine use WAN 2 as gateway to internet and I created a outbound NAT rule as it:

    Interface: WAN 2 (Secondary)
    Destination: Any
    Address: Interface Address

    But machine still use WAN 1 IP to navigate on internet. How can I solved it?

  • The outbound NAT is necessary for sure, but it doesn’t route anything.
    Despite of this you have to add a policy routing firewall rule for that device. Just add a pass rule for the allowed upstream ports, put the devices IP in the source box, open the advanced settings go to gateway and select your WAN2 GW. Put this rule to the top of your LAN rule net, so it gets applied at first.

  • thanks @viragomann works here!

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