CARP + Multi Wan (Static and DHCP)

  • Hello,

    Years ago we installed pfSense firewalls (originally installed with 2.0.3, though we kept up with the software upgrades as the hardware allowed) and at the time we had CARP and failover working correctly. This changed when we lost our second ISP and attempted to replace it with a cellular backup solution, but at the time DHCP WAN could not be shared across CARP. We eventually disabled CARP entirely just to have the safety net of dual WAN, but I'm currently going through a hardware refresh with our firewalls and I'd like to re-visit the CARP / failover scenario with a primary WAN static and a secondary WAN DHCP.

    Are there any special considerations when it comes to this situation? I've dug through various forums and threads, but the majority of it is all coming from posts that are seven or eight years old, so I'm not sure how relevant the bugs people were running into then are now. I know with 2.2. CARP started working with a single DHCP WAN address, but I can't find much about a mixed WAN (static/DHCP) and failover working with CARP.

    I'll be doing some bench testing here in the next week or so, just wanted to get an idea of what I might run into.

    Thank you!

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